Liberia: ‘Muslim Bathing Dead in Ebola Time Wrong ‘  by Macaulay Sombai —

The Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission in Liberia says that Islam does not allow any Muslim to bath another Muslim friend or relative who die from diseases like Ebola before burial.

Imam Naveed Ahmad Aadil emphasized that dead body as a whole contain more virus even before the coming of the Ebola epidemic and that the disease has increased the virus to a high degree as he declared the practice wrong.

Imam Aadil: “From Islamic point of view, is not necessary to bath or pray over a person who has died from an epidemic before burial because that epidemic might spread among the people who come in contact with the body.

Imam Aadil clarified that Muslim are forced to carry on a funeral prayer over a deceased member but prayers for persons who die from an epidemic can only be done in his or her absence in order to avoid getting in contact with the body of the deceased.

Imam Aadil confirmed that as AHMADIYYA community they have made donations of needed materials to fight against the deadly virus and hoped to continue praying for the country and people against the virus.

Explained Imam Aadil: “The Headquarters of the AHMADIYYA community in the United Kingdom donated 10,000 pounds to Liberia’s Ambassador in the UK on behalf of the AHMADIYYA community around the world as our own contribution to the Liberia government in her fight against the virus and that the Information Ministry in Liberia has confirmed that the government has received the money.”

He urged Liberians to strictly abide by all of the instructions given in the fight against the disease and to avoid contacting somebody unnecessarily in a bid to limit their activities either at their job sites or at homes because he thinks such activities would help to stop the spread of the virus.

Before the celebration of the EID Mubarack (Abraham) or Abraham Day last Saturday, Imam Aadil urged his fellow Muslims to avoid shaking hands or body to body contact before or after the prayer in order to prevent the disease amongst them.

The Imam described the EID Mubarak day as one of the important days in the Muslim calendars because it is the day that Muslims around the world remember the sacrifices Prophet Abraham, his wife and son Ismail made to please the Almighty God.

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