King Abdullah of Jordan sits down with President Putin

Russia is vital in dealing with regional challenges in the Middle East and without Russia, the region “would be a lot worse off” King Abdullah II of Jordan underlined as he sat down for a one-on-one with President Vladimir Putin in Moscow’s Kremlin, on Thursday.

King Abdullah attended the meeting as part of his working visit to Moscow at the invitation of the Russian President.

“Jordan has always played a stabilising role and, as I have said, it will be useful and interesting for me to exchange ideas with you regarding the situation and tendencies for its development” welcomed President Putin, after stressing that the situation in the region isn’t improving, but “unfortunately, rather further deteriorating.”

King Abdullah then thanked Putin, in English, for Russia’s stabilising role in the Middle East region, considering the complexity of the situation referring primarily to the Israel-Palestinian peace process and also to the situation in Syria.

“Russia plays a very important role – possibly the most important one for the future of Syria. Today, Russia and Jordan stand side-by-side, countering terrorism and extremism in the region and the world at large”, said King Abdullah, adding:

“I am happy to meet again with my friend and brother, the President of Russia, to discuss pressing issues.”


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