Evolution not revolution!

Source/Credit: The Times of Malta, by Laiq Ahmed Atif.  Atif is president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Malta. amjmalta@gmail.com 

God’s creation is wonderful indeed. The solar system, of which our earth is but a small part, is vast, varied and orderly and, yet, this system is but one of hundreds of millions, some of which are incalculably larger than it. The countless millions of stars, moon and sun are so arranged and distributed in relation to one another as to produce harmony and beauty everywhere.

In the Holy Quran, God says the following: “Allah created the heavens and the earth in accordance with the requirements of wisdom. In that surely is a sign for the believers” (29:45).

The expression “in accordance with the requirements of wisdom” signifies that there is clear evidence of an intelligent design and purpose in the creation of the heavens and the earth and that a profound and consummate plan exists in all the celestial and terrestrial bodies.

When one ponders on verses in the Holy Quran, one finds that there are very important lessons to learn from the creation of universe. Among others, there is a principle that, to bring perfection to a system, a lot of planning and design is required. Secondly, to get the best positive results there must be harmony and complete tolerance in diversity. Then, to have such a perfect and practicable system there is need of evolution as it had been in the creation of the universe, created by God in six stages and periods.

I believe that evolution is the perfect system to a better and successful change and the system that takes its time will definitely give its fruits. For that to happen, profound education, necessary awareness, long planning, sincerity, faithfulness and a detailed road map are essential.

Otherwise, there cannot be any hope for a secure and prosperous future of a nation or country. And hollow claims of revolution without any road map cannot be fruitful.

During revolutions, when rule of law becomes fragile and fluid, many ill-natured extremists, fundamentalists, terrorists and non-democratic powers benefit from the prevailing circumstances and start their vicious and anti-democratic tactics to gain power, impose their point of view on the rest of the nation or ruin the peace.

In such times, we also find that religious extremists try to impose their ideology or their school of thought on the entire population.

It is also a reality that, in some cases, the oppressed think it is now their term to acquire personal benefits and take advantage of the situation and try to mould the scenario in their favour as much as they can. They, thus, completely ignore and forget the pledges and mantras of a change for the better for everybody.

At times, when striving for power, dominance and personal gains, the basic principles of a stable and prosperous society, such as human dignity, equality, forgiveness, fairness, justice, tolerance and democratic values, are partly or completely ignored.

Hollow claims of revolution without any road map cannot be fruitful

The situation in many countries around the world and especially in the Middle-East, where we saw some revolutions taking place in recent years, prove abundantly clear that no lesson was learned from the creation of the universe.

The situation in Libya is very critical and complicated. In recent weeks, many people have been killed and people are fighting in the streets. It looks like the country is on the brink of disaster and I am afraid such circumstances may lead to civil war.

The situation in Egypt is still not very stable. Two governments were changed in as many years.

Tunisia is also struggling to find its feet.

Syria is still at war after more than three years.

In these conflicts, thousands of innocent people have been killed and there seems to be no end to this bloodshed and massacre.

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  1. Very true. I noted the revolution of T/Qadri sahib. That is against all teachings of all prophets, Abraham a.s. who migrated and left the country where he could not live. Same thing happened for Musa a.s. Same thing Isa a.s. and same for the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.
    It is all against the Sunnah of Hussain a.s. who was leaving the jurisdiction of Yazeed. But they did not let him go. Hussain a.s. did not start any agitational revolution.
    In Pakistan, there are maximum Sunnis who are Hanafis. Imam Abu Hanifah Rh.a. had advised never to rise against any established government. Rising (Khurooj) against any good or bad government is forbidden. Qadri sahib seems to be Doctor, having much knowledge. Must be knowing law. Why is he acting against the express teaching of Imam Abu Hanifah rh.a.
    What is going on is against the teachings of the promised Messiah a.s. The promised Messiah a.s. had advised never to go against the government. He even forbade any direct action or (another word that I have forgotten here), may be it is bye-cot.
    Evolution is always peaceful transition form one state to another. Revolution causes pulsations and complete turn around, even upside down. That is not desirable.
    The most famous revolution is that of France. What did they achieve compared to Britian.

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