Adventure group crosses English Channel on peace mission to UK Jalsa….while US prepares attack on Syria!

Source: Tariq Kareem Arif.

Photos: Tariq Kareem Arif:

Adventure Group paddelling the distance with zeal and enthusiasm


Larrai main agar aa gia waqte namz. Eik hi saf main kharay ho gai Mahmood o Ayyaz.

Slept on the Dover side of the English Channel

Alhamdolillah the German Ahmadi Muslim Adventure Group  reached  Calais at the end of the 2nd day. The weather was much better than on first day shedding more sunshine. As group started its 2nd day earlier than yesterday, the members even had one hour time to go to the SEA and enjoy Allahs nature. Of course the first signs of tiredness are now visible. Members aught to relex on second night, maybe have some massage and be prepared for the final run. Alhamdolillah Amir Sb was the first rider to pull the whole group while giving other group members his wind shadow. This needs about 10-20% more energy than being behind in the wind shadow. Azim Butt philosophy is still pondering how one could cruise all the distance in such short time.  But he will never get any answer as it is secret kept by Amir of Germany.

Most probably adventure group will be entering Haqeeatul Mahdi by dusk on peace mission and missiles from war thirsty US start landing on soil of Syria same time or latest by dusk Thursday.  Allah may save his creature from foul leaders. Amin

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