Lucknow clerics ask women not to post their pictures on Facebook


India’s two prominent Islamic helplines are discouraging young callers, especially women, from creating profiles and posting pictures on popular social networking websites Facebook and Twitter on the ground that it is un-Islamic.

The heads of the two popular Lucknow-based helplines, run for Shia and Sunni Muslims, have been flooded with phone calls asking if virtual profiles are Islamic.

“You can’t see someone’s face on Facebook and decide that you want to be friends. Look for ‘pyar aur mohabbat’ (love) in real life. Virtual relationships are not ‘faydaymand’ (profitable),” Sunni Mufti Abul Irfan Naimul Halim Firagni Mahli said on phone from Lucknow.

The Mufti wants youngsters to bond in the real and not the virtual world. Of the over 1,000 calls that the Mufti fields in a month on his popular helpline, more than 50 per cent questions are about Internet usage.

“If one is on Facebook for business purposes or for constructive purposes, then the account is justifiable,” he said.

However, the Mufti is not pleased about women being on Facebook to make friends and is definitely against them uploading pictures on the social networking site.

“Women should not post pictures on Facebook or anywhere else on the Internet. This is un-Islamic,” he said.

A Maulana from the minority Shia sect too endorsed the Mufti’s views.

“Women are not allowed to show their faces to anyone apart from their ‘mehram’ (male kin like father and brothers).

So posting pictures on Facebook is ‘haraam’ (banned),” Maulana Saif Abbas Naqvi said.

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9 replies

  1. Women need to stand up nd tell them to mind their own business. If a woman wants to post a picture of herself on Facebook then why is it anyone else’s concern? This is 2013, not 1943 and women are entitled to do what they want. Especially something as benign as posting a picture.

    The only time I disagree with women posting pictures is if they are in bad taste (nudity etc) but this really isn’t a problem with most women.

  2. Seriously, these relics need to join the rest of us in the modern times. Women need to have equal rights. Take that burqa and shove it!! Why do women need to wear a cloth over her beautiful face? NO!! That’s wrong. She should be FREE to wear what she likes! Why don’t men wear a burqa in the heat of summer and see how they like it!

  3. Arrrgh!! I hope ALL those beautiful, intelligent women reject the oppressing rules of this moron and post their pics if they feel like it. WHY is Islam such a hateful religion to women???

  4. this muslim woman agrees with the clerics based on what little I understand about social media but enough to know the dangers of such a mistake.There are a lot of sick morons out there using photos and altering the bodies and the faces in an obscene format which causes problems for women and god knows how many have been hurt innocently due to this out of control social media outlet.we are constantly reminded about the dangers of social media and facebook to protect our children from predators and sick morons , but not about the dangers it poses for women as well .Everywhere I go I see cell phones and picture phones in the hands of people anybody can take pictures of anyboby nowadays and use them for sick purpose which is why I’m beginning to understand the face cover or burqa which quite honestly am not a great fan of, because face cover and burqa have been used by sick individuals posing as muslims to commit crimes and that is my only issue with face covering . Thank god for my Islamic faith to remind us of what’s really important , obedience to the commandments of the one true god almighty Allah and not the numerous mediums of gods out there. peace to you all and lol.

  5. Jude, we Muslim women don’t believe that our beauty is for every Tom, Dick, Harry and (in recent times), Jane, out there!

    Our looks are only reserved for our husbands and close male relatives whom we cannot marry.

    Yes, we can interact with our brains and minds, though.

  6. Good on you Jude women should be free to make their own decisions. Old men making the rules for women.

    Its all about going straight but not being able to negotiate the bends and turns. What if people make mistakes? There are no mistakes only opportunities to learn.

    Its a matter of different cultural considerations true but in the end women have to be respected for having their own mind thoughts body and soul.

  7. I am a Muslim woman & proud of it!! My religion has made me realize that I am not anyone’s commodity to be advertised & flaunted around. It is my choice who I show my face/beauty to. Allah knows what is best for His creation.
    @ Jude/Mike: go back to the stone age where everyone was naked!! Covering up is what is civilized not uncovering!!

  8. People on Facebook try to portray what they aren’t by posting pictures and messages that represent an image which is far from their reality, its a fake virtual world where everyone is supposed to be very “happening”

    Both Muslim men & women should not fall for this fake virtual world & use the social media for best purposes.

    Like many of the above comments said I repeat a Muslim woman is not for any Tom Dick or Harry to oogle at, women who put themselves on display like a commodity are treated like a commodity, respect yourself before expecting respect from others.

    I agree Men should not dictate to us what we should be doing we should be conscious enough of our faith & Allah to take the right decisions, Allah has already laid down the rules of life for both men & women so lets not try to twist them according to our personal wishes but follow what Allah has ordained.

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