Shahbaz Taseer killed in Drone Attack: Taliban sources


The Frontier Post:

PESHAWAR (INP): Shahbaz Taseer, son of slain Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer was killed in a drone attack in Shawal valley of the North Waziristan tribal area, in 2012, claimed Taliban sources.

They further claimed that the son of Salman Taseer was buried in the Shawal area on the same day. The Jirga that was making hectic efforts to get Shahbaz Taseer released has also returned hometown in sheer disappointment, the sources added.

The sources confirmed that Talban are now shifting the abductees to the areas where chances of drone attacks are at higher to use them as human shield.

Shahbaz Taseer


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  1. Shebaz Taseer died, looks wrong news. No any media other then Frontier Post has published this news. It is not a news can be ignored by national print/electronic media. So I doubt it.

  2. I feel deeply grieved and sorry for such a news and wish it may not be true. But if it is published in the Frontier post, then I feel most worried that it may be so. Still I wish and pray that Shahbaz Taseer may be alive by the grace of God Almighty and he returns to join his luckless, long awaiting family.

  3. It wouldn’t be too surprising if the Pakistani media ignores that the son of the one former politician who stood up for minorities died as well and many innocent people have been killed by drones and the American media doesn’t really talk about it but I actually really hope that this is wrong news…

  4. I am hoping that this is a wrong news. But the fact that the rest of the Pakistani news agenciyes have not posted anything is not a consolation to me. Salman Taseer fought for the rights of minorities and was always very respectful of all sects and faiths. The Pakistani news agencies who are either pro taiban or afraid of Taliban are purposely ignoring the news. May Allah give patience and the strength to Taseer’s family. May Allah punnish all those colloborators who are aginst justice, truth and humanity!

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