Month: March 2012

When Home Is No Refuge for Women

Source: The New York Times NEW DELHI — This month, two women’s stories, told courageously, helped to underline the reality of domestic violence in India. Nita Bhalla, a journalist, wrote for the BBC about being physically assaulted by her partner. Meena Kandasamy, a poet and writer on social issues, wrote […]

The Kerala king who embraced Islam

By ALI AKBAR ARABNEWS Published: Feb 9, 2012 For Arabs, Malabar was the most familiar place in the whole Indian subcontinent. The relationship between Arabs and Malabar has a history that dates back centuries. Arab merchants were trading spices such as ginger, pepper and cardamom as well as things like […]

Symmetry of slaughter

By GWYNNE DYER ARABNEWS After Mohamed Merah died in a hail of French police bullets last week, people who had known him talked about “a polite and courteous boy” who liked “cars, bikes, sports and girls.” His friends had trouble believing that he had murdered seven people, including three children, […]