Month: March 2012

Iraq tests regional muscle with Arab summit

Source: Reuters Author: Patrick Markey Iraq’s Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will seek to showcase his country’s diplomatic return to the region this week when leaders gather for the first Arab League summit in Baghdad in two decades, and the only one hosted by a Shi’ite Arab ruler. With violence from […]

The myth of sovereignty

Credit: Express Tribune: Two aspects stand out. One, the level of concern on such a convergence apprehends a growing pool of common sentiment; and two, the latent capacity that exists within such a group that might just challenge the existing status quo. Speaking plainly, the concern is the military-middle class-Imran […]

Exit Americans, enter sectarian strife

Credit: Asia Times: Following the withdrawal of United States troops from Iraq three moths ago, sectarian clashes between Shi’ite and Sunni groups have steadily increased. It’s the perfect environment for al-Qaeda to turn the region into the massive insurgent stronghold it used to be, while accusations mount that Iran is […]

USA/NATO route not likely to open soon.

Credit: Asia Times: By Amir Mir ISLAMABAD – Pakistan opposition parties are moving to block the reopening of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) supply routes into neighboring Afghanistan ahead of crucial deliberations to set new terms of engagement with the United States. The country’s major right-wing opposition party, led by […]

Israel gauges fallout from Iran strike

Credit: Asia Times: By Victor Kotsev Amid the ever-growing diplomatic noise and military buildup in the Persian Gulf, a key issue has received insufficient attention: the dual problem of possible radioactive contamination and civilian casualties resulting from an operation against Iran. Strikes on nuclear facilities carry enormous stigma; those directed […]

MPs in Morden hear nuclear war warning

Credit: Wibledon Guardian via Wasim Saroya: Downsizing? London’s mayor Boris Johnson is shown a model Routemaster bus by Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad The threat of nuclear war was discussed among a band of political heavyweights who visited Morden on Saturday. No less than eight MPs – two of them cabinet […]