Month: June 2011

Comfort or freedom: Make your choice

By ROBERTA FEDELE | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: During a conversation regarding the venture of Manal Al-Sharif — the 32-year-old computer consultant arrested on May 22 for having uploaded on YouTube a video of herself driving — one young Saudi woman perceptively noticed: “What if all women here were aware of […]

Bangladesh to retain Islam as state religion

By JULHAS ALAM | AP DHAKA: Bangladesh will retain Islam as the state religion in amendments the government is proposing to its constitution, a government minister said Tuesday. A former military ruler declared Islam the state religion in 1988 by amending the charter, but it barely affected Bangladesh’s secular legal system […]

Authorities gear up to tackle road congestion

By Khaled Neimat AMMAN – With almost a million cars expected to enter Kingdom this summer, concerned authorities are gearing up to tackle the challenge. Both the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) and the Public Security Department’s (PSD) Traffic Department have drawn up plans to deal with road congestion, officials said […]

Jordan: 21% of marriages end in divorce

By Laila Azzeh AMMAN – Around 79 per cent of divorces that occurred last year took place before consummation of the marriage, a study has found. The survey by sociologist Hussein Khazaali, based on official statistics, showed that there are nearly 60,000 marriages registered in the Kingdom each year in […]

35th Annual Ahmadiyya Convention, Canada

June 20, 2011 Baitul Islam Mosque, Maple, Ontario A briefing session regarding 35th Annual Convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community was held for media and press personals at Baitul Islam Mosque, Maple, on June 20th. The session was attended by more than 50 representatives from various newspapers and Televisions. Introducing the event, the […]

Egypt: Elections or Constitution First?

Political forces in Egypt today face a dilemma: either proceed ahead expeditiously to elections in order to end the post-revolutionary rule of the military or slow down the electoral timetable and prioritize the writing of a new constitution. New political parties want more time to organize; parties, movements associated with […]

BBC to show film on Muhammad’s life

Monday, 20 June 2011 The BBC is to trace the journey of the Islamic prophet Muhammad for a new series which is claimed to be a first for British television. Al Jazeera reporter Rageh Omaar will present the three-part programme for BBC2, following in the prophet’s footsteps from Mecca and along the journeys he took […]