Month: June 2011

Freedom at last! Calling for religious persecution in the Netherlands is now allowed (against Muslims) Addition: Man replaced ‘Muslims’ with ‘Jews’ in Wilders pamphlet, got arrested On March 24, 2008, a man was arrested in Amsterdam for ‘making discrimanatory statements against Jews’. He had taken a text from Geert Wilders and replaced the words ‘Islam’ and ‘Muslims’ with ‘Judaism’ and ‘Jews’. This resulted in […]

Jeddah woman driver accelerates campaign

By RIMA AL-MUKHTAR | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: The Women2Drive campaign continued down a rocky road with some sustaining the campaign a week after it was launched with sporadic efforts on Friday. Meanwhile a dawa (Islamic propagation) group, in Riyadh made clear its belief that women driving cars is against Islamic […]

30% increase in visit visa requests

By GALAL FAKKAR | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: Requests for visit visas so far are up 30 percent compared to the same period last year, according to sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The ministry’s branch in Jeddah is struggling to handle the number of foreigners wanting to bring their […]

Turmeric Can Combat Cancer

…….. Having “bad genes,” does not at all mean you’re doomed to suffer some inevitable fate. Genes are merely blueprints, and these blueprints are activated and controlled by something else entirely, namely their environment. This environmental information—which includes diet, toxic exposures, as well as thoughts and emotions, and more—can create […]

Deportation to Afghanistan ruled out

The Federal Court says the humanitarian situation in most regions of Afghanistan is too critical to send back asylum seekers whose requests were rejected by Switzerland. A court statement said security had deteriorated in all regions of Afghanistan over the past few years. It added the return of an asylum […]