The insecurity of inequality

May 16,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Kaushik Basu Global inequality today is at a level last seen in the late nineteenth century — and it is continuing to rise. With it has come a surging sense of disenfranchisement that has fuelled alienation and anger, and even bred nationalism and xenophobia. As […]

Inequality is threatening to tear our democracy apart, yet the Government is only encouraging it – The rich think they can play by their own rules, and I hate it

YASMIN ALIBHAI BROWN THE INDEPENDENT Sunday 18 January 2015 In the Eighties I wrote articles on ghastly yuppies, effervescing with expensive champagne and inflated egos. One of them poured his bubbly over my blouse when I tried to interview him. How they all laughed. In the Nineties I met incredibly […]