Christmas Is Weird!

Huff Post: Alan Jones. I wonder if there’s anyway to recapture just how weird and peculiar Christmas is? We’re so used to it. The religious observers take it for granted and the Winter Solstice crowd keep dreaming of a White one. Christmas trees are everywhere and Christmas carols are heard […]

Why Christ Doesn’t Need Christianity

Huff Post: Shane Hipps. The long slow decline of religion in America has produced much hand wringing among Christians. The grief and anxiety are inevitable, but not entirely necessary. After all, Jesus didn’t come into this world to start a new religion. His stated purpose was actually to announce the […]

Black Friday Shopping-Thanksgiving

Huff Post: Black Friday has now officially invaded Thanksgiving and pretty soon it will just be Black Thanksgiving — a holiday when Americans will give thanks for bargin prices. Seeking wisdom to staunch the “shop till you drop” stampede, HuffPost Religion offers these quotes from Jesus and the New Testament in hopes that they might […]