The Matara Therapeutic Boarding School

A program that offers the warmth and wisdom of Jewish tradition together with the cutting edge of psychological and educational technology at the particular location on this planet that connects all Jews throughout all generations. When a teenager is struggling with emotional or behavioral issues like defiance, depression, or drug […]

Orthodox Jews clash with Israel police

JERUSALEM — Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox Jews clashed with police in a conservative neighbourhood of Jerusalem on Wednesday as tax officials tried to carry out inspections, a police spokesman told AFP. Micky Rosenfeld said six police officers were lightly injured as some 300 protestors threw projectiles at them, and six demonstrators […]

World population to hit 7 billion by October

Growth is a ‘challenge and an opportunity’ UN says, as activists campaign for easier access to family planning tools. The United Nations commemorates World Population Day against the backdrop of an upcoming landmark event: global population hitting the seven billion mark by late October this year. According to current projections, […]

Genesis of gender discrimination

Addressing the constraints women face in the labour market requires gender-sensitive market regulations. It is a matter of common observation that women are doing various household jobs like babysitting, cooking, cleaning, etc, outside their homes, but such employment is not covered through labour legislation or social security laws A baby […]

Visa Delays Put Iraqis Who Aided U.S. in Fear

By TIM ARANGO BAGHDAD — Terrorism fears in the United States are all but halting visas for Iraqis, even those who risked their lives aiding the American war effort, making them especially vulnerable ahead of the planned American military withdrawal. The Obama administration has required new background checks for visa […]

Ahmedi community slams govt over killing of minority member

Staff Report LAHORE: Representatives of the Ahmedi community and human rights activists have slammed the government over religiously motivated killing of an Ahmedi advocate, Malik Mabroor Ahmad, while demanding immediate action against the culprits. Jama’at Ahmadiyya Pakistan spokesperson Saleem ud Din stated on Tuesday that the well-known Ahmedi lawyer was assassinated in a religiously motivated attack […]

In Indonesia, civil society is keeping tolerance alive

By Testriono, The Daily Star Recent cases of religious intolerance in Indonesia have led some observers to worry that U.S. President Barack Obama’s praise of religious tolerance in Indonesia during his visit in November 2010 was exaggerated. Public statements and decrees from Indonesian government officials have discredited religious minority groups […]

Obama v Bush: A tale of two state visits

From the archives:   Obama v Bush Entourage Obama‘s entourage was believed to consist of about 500 people – including 200 secret service agents. The Obamas, whose US security codenames are Renegade andRenaissance, were also reportedly joined by a team of medics, chefs and White House staff. The Bushes, whose alternate US identities […]

Obama urged to investigate Bush torture claims

A campaign group has said the US president should order a criminal investigation into alleged torture sanctioned by the Bush administration. Human Rights Watch (HRW) says there is “overwhelming evidence” of torture ordered by George W Bush. The former president has defended some of the techniques, saying they prevented attacks […]