100 Days of bombing: Operations by Nato states in Libya enter 100th day; situation in Libya is getting worse. Is there any hope for peace?

There’s a small campfire battling a stiff sea breeze, several homemade tents, a trench, and the usual assortment of machine gun placements and rocket launchers aimed across no-man’s land towards Col Muammar Gaddafi’s forces. “Your energy and courage inspire,” says Gen Suleiman Mahmoud in a brief speech to the group… […]

France drops arms to Libyan rebels

France said yesterday it had air dropped arms to Libyan rebels in mountains south of Tripoli who are eyeing an assault on the capital, a day after anti-regime forces captured a network of weapons caches. But the increasingly emboldened rebels suffered a deadly assault from Gaddafi forces in the third-largest […]

US sees bigger role for India as trade partner

The US wants India to become one of its top 10 trading partners, treasury secretary Timothy Geithner said as the two countries agreed on improving access to each other’s markets. He made the remarks after meeting India’s Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee at the second India-US Economic and Financial Partnership. India is currently the […]

‘Malta lacks plan on water management’

Opposition spokesman on resources Joe Mizzi said that the government did not have a national plan on water management even though it had set up the Malta Resources Authority and Mepa. No wonder the island suffered from scarcity of water. Utility bills did not reflect a serious system of water […]

Hidden treasure found under Nepalese palace

KATHMANDU: A huge stash of gold and silver ornaments has been discovered by workers renovating a former royal palace in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu, the government said Tuesday. The treasures, thought to be more than 500 years old, were hidden in a store room under the sprawling 16th-century Hanuman Dhoka […]

Pakistan angered over ‘failed’ report

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan ranks 12th on an index of failed states around the globe, according to a new report prepared by the Fund for Peace, an independent non-profit research and educational organization that works to prevent violent conflict and promote sustainable security in the world. Its neighbor Afghanistan ranks seventh. […]

Protests scare away tourists, hotels deserted

By REUTERS DAMASCUS: The reception area is quiet at the Beit Zaman boutique hotel in the Christian Quarter of Old Damascus and the staff is visibly bored. Bellhops loiter in the lavishly decorated corridors of the $200-a-night hotel and a receptionist stares idly at his computer screen. Four months ago, […]

‘Muslims must adapt to change’

By P.K. ABDUL GHAFOUR | ARAB NEWS JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s finance minister on Wednesday urged Muslim countries to adopt suitable economic reform programs and adapt to the changing global economic atmosphere to confront the challenges facing them. “We should also strengthen our joint efforts to overcome development obstacles,” Finance Minister […]

King Abdullah meets Circassians in Jordan.

His Majesty King Abdullah’s meeting with dignitaries representing Circassians in Jordan, to discuss the current reforms and the future course of the country, shows the importance granted to minority groups living here. Circassians contributed a great deal to the development of the country and they, like members of other minorities, […]