We separate between religion and statehood

Patriarch calls for finding solutions to national problems Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros al-Rai said on Thursday that Lebanese parties should seek common goals and find solutions to national problems. “We are meeting here today and we are aware that in Lebanon we separate between religion and statehood,” Rai told the press […]

Lebanese families and the challenges facing them.

BEIRUT: Making good family decisions requires parents to engage in dialogue with their children, said caretaker Social Affairs Minister Salim Sayegh during a national forum on developing a culture of dialogue and democracy within Lebanese families. “We are aware that authoritarian [parenting] still exists in Lebanese families, but today parents […]

“All believers are brothers, so make peace between your brothers and be mindful of your duty to Allah that you may be shown mercy.” (Sura 49:11)

and: “In case two parties of the believers fight against each other, bring about reconciliation between them. If, however, one of them persists in belligerence and transgresses against the other, bring your collective might to bear upon the one that transgresses to force him until he agrees that his dispute […]