How our region is preparing for suicide

Summary It was obvious several years ago, when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was Iran’s president and the Islamic Republic was expanding its power in Iraq, Lebanon, the Palestinian areas and Yemen, that this endeavor would provoke a backlash from the Sunni Arab states. And it was just as clear that this backlash, […]

Bishop Matar calls for inter-Islamic dialogue

The Daily Star BEIRUT: Maronite Bishop of Beirut Boulos Matar called Sunday for dialogue between different Muslim religious groups to end the “purposeless” struggle, stressing that Lebanon was the best example of religious coexistence. “[We] need an Islamic-Islamic dialogue to save the Eastern people from all the wars that threaten […]

Robert Fisk: Were it not for the French, Hezbollah would all be Syrians fighting on their own government’s side inside their own country And you thought the Middle East was a difficult place to understand. Try living here

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