Interfaith tolerance

5 Insights From the World’s Religions

Too often we see media reports about the violence and intolerance that religious fundamentalism engenders. Religion is used to justify terrorism, to discriminate against those who are different and to resist scientific advancement inherent in our modern lives. Religion can reinforce tribal mentalities. Some identify with their faiths as if […]

Opponents of Proposed Mosque Clash with Islamic Society Organizers

Fears that a mosque would bring religious extremists, and even ties to terrorism, surfaced Tuesday when leaders of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee arrived at an Eagle Forum meeting meant to rally Brookfield residents against the proposal. After the president and executive director of the society introduced themselves, the meeting at the Brookfield Library turned to […]

Delhi World Book fair: A fair like no other

In Delhi it’s that time of year again when publishers, distributors and retailers are scrambling around frantically getting everything from point-of-sale to stocks right. It’s the World Book fair (WBF), which comes around once every two years sprawling across the giant halls of Pragati Maidan. This is the fair’s 20th […]

Why Pakistan can not adopt Joint-Electorate System?

Credit: UKTIMES LONDON: By Zubair Khan During its continuous turbulent history, Pakistan, at times adopted Joint-Electorate System while some times it resorted to Separate Electorate System.  Currently it is sticking to Separate Electorate System for many years. An effort has been made to briefly define these systems with some apparent […]