Human Rights

Pakistan: State of Fatwas – No human Rights: Extremists openly plan to kill hundreds of Ahmadis–government turns a blind eye

Kāfir Factory – Infidel Factory Last year on Friday, 28th May 2010, the world saw a massacre of innocent Ahmadis in Lahore, Pakistan. A day after a journalist of BBC Urdu, Mohammad Hanif, wrote an article titled “Kafir Factor – Infidel Factory”. In this article he has shown a picture of Pakistani societies […]

Moderate Muslim professor murdered

Moscow A Muslim university professor who criticized radical Islamists was shot dead in Dagestan, officials said Wednesday. Maksud Sadikov, 48, and his nephew were gunned down in the yard of his home in the regional capital of Makhachkala late Tuesday. “This is not only a murder, it is a challenge […]

Ahmadis fair game for TTP kidnappers

ISLAMABAD: Majid* was fortunate enough to see his family. But others from the Ahmadiyya community abducted by the Taliban are not. Majid was in militants’ captivity for over six months at an unknown location in Miramshah tribal area. He was abducted from Sihala in December last year while on his […]

French burka ban challenged by Muslim Couple

They claim the ruling breaches their human rights and restricts their free movement across countries in the European Union. The pair, who wish to remain anonymous, now live in the West Midlands with their two children, claiming the new law forced them out of their home country. They are seeking […]

Ahmadiyya Release Offers Hope for Rohingya

BANGKOK – “We are so happy this day to be released,” said Haraan Sidique, boarding a bus at Bangkok’s Suan Plu Immigration Detention Center (IDC) on Monday morning after spending almost 7 months at a refugee prison in central Bangkok. Sidique is one of 96 Ahmadiyya refugees from Pakistan who […]

Photo of the Day: Praying for Freedom of Faith

Ahmadi refugees who sought to escape persecution by fleeing to Thailand were held for more than six months in Bangkok’s overcrowded immigration detention centers. A group of 94 Ahmadi Muslim refugees and two asylum seekers were released on bail on Monday. They await the results of resettlement applications, mainly to […]

Iran to contest ban on players wearing hijab.

Iran will lodge a formal complaint to the world football body after its women’s team was barred from playing in an Olympic qualifier for wearing the traditional Islamic head scarf, media reports said Monday. “We will file a complaint against the match’s FIFA organizer to the International Federation of Association […]

Hijab scarf rule comes to a head as Iranian women’s soccer team banned

GENEVA—Iran’s women’s team was correctly prevented from playing a 2012 Olympics qualifier wearing Islamic head scarves, FIFA said Monday. Iranian officials were “informed thoroughly” before Friday’s match against Jordan that the hijab scarf is banned for safety reasons, soccer’s governing body said. “Despite initial assurances that the Iranian delegation understood […]