Equal Rights

Two cheers for human rights

Source: BBC Human rights are important, but they will never be a solution to ending conflict, writes John Gray. When we hear reports of nightmarish atrocities being committed in Syria, it’s easy to respond by thinking these horrors could be prevented if only the country had a government that respected […]

We Are Bastards of Communism’

Source: The Speigel: We are sitting in a room on the sixth floor of the building occupied by the leftist-liberal Warsaw newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. There are stacks of newspapers and books everywhere, and on the walls are certificates from American and German universities next to photos of Adam Michnik with […]

Dhaka: A life=Tk 1 lakh

Source: The Daily Star By SUSHMITA S PREETHA Workers of Outwear Fashions Ltd take to the streets in Sheorapara in the capital demanding better pay and longer maternity leave. They blocked Rokeya Sarani and called on garment workers of other factories to join them. The workers of other factories, however, refused. […]