Nigeria: Ahmadiyya Produces Two Professors, PhD’s, Four First Class Honours The Ahmadiyya Muslim jamaat ,Nigeria, has justified its pioneering status as champion of western and secular education in Nigeria as it produces two Professors in the Animal Science and Clinical Pharmacology, two Ph.D in Islamic Law and Educational Foundation, seven Masters graduates, and four First Class Honours in Mathematics,Biochemistry,Anthropology,Plant […]

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids

Scientific American: by Carol S, Dweck — A brilliant student, Jonathan sailed through grade school. He completed his assignments easily and routinely earned As. Jonathan puzzled over why some of his classmates struggled, and his parents told him he had a special gift. In the seventh grade, however, Jonathan suddenly […]

Thought-provoking ideas in religious studies

theguardian —  Pupils from St Marylebone school, London, attend a multi-faith assembly in church. It would be a grave disservice to students “to ditch religious studies in school” (Loose canon, 5 December) and to trivialise multifaith religious education as “mushy relativism” is unjust. Educators from Bosnia visiting our comprehensive school […]

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat participates in National Book fair (Interliber) of Croatia. Quran and Ahmadiyya Islam exhibition remained main attractions.

By Zubair Khan By the Blessings of Almighty Allah, Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Croatia participated (from 11 to 16 of November-2014) in National Book Fair of Croatia.  The only book fair which is organised in the country from last 37 years.  According to locals, first time any Muslim Organization participated in it. A […]