From the CIA to the GFE

Nov 17,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – Jeffrey D. Sachs The United States needs to shift its spending from war to education, from CIA-backed regime change to a new Global Fund for Education (GFE). With hundreds of millions of children around the world not in school, or in schools with under-qualified teachers, […]

Meet the Indian-Australian ‘Chai Walli’ who is Business Woman of the Year

Uppma Virdi won IABCA Businesswoman of the year- 2016 award. (Supplied) From successful lawyer to Chai seller: Uppma Virdi’s story is a reverse-Slumdog-Millionaire. And she’s been crowned Indian-Australian Businesswoman of the Year ((Fox Searchlight/Instagram)) Uppma Virdi is crowned the IABCA Business Woman of the Year 2016 (Instagram) Uppma Virdi won […]

On the cusp of an AI revolution

Oct 30,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – Marc Benioff Over the last 30 years, consumers have reaped the benefits of dramatic technological advances. In many countries, most people now have in their pockets a personal computer more powerful than the mainframes of the 1980s. The Atari 800XL computer that I developed games […]