Muslim educational attainment

1. Muslim educational attainment Among the world’s major religious groups, Muslims have made some of the greatest gains in educational achievement in recent decades. The share of Muslim adults (ages 25 and older) with at least some formal schooling has risen by 25 percentage points in the past three generations, […]

As Aleppo burns, we need to face the dark truth about where our foreign aid actually goes

Foreign aid is a bargaining chip with developing countries, securing contracts for British oil, finance, infrastructure and military contractors, often structured via British tax havens, from the City of London Joel Benjamin For Syrian civilians in Aleppo, caught in a brutal civil war since 2011 with relentless shelling, barrel bombs […]

Jesus Versus Finality

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth Mirza Tahir Ahmad Jesus Versus Finality HE BELIEF that the last prophet, Muhammadsa, has already come and gone and the assertion that Jesusas would descend to earth as a prophet after him are so inconsistent that they cannot be owned simultaneously. In fact this cocktail […]

Entropy and the Finite Universe

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth Mirza Tahir Ahmad Entropy and the Finite Universe T HAS BEEN clearly demonstrated that the entire universe would be drawn back into a black hole, which later on would explode into another Big Bang releasing its entrapped mass once again. From this the reader may […]

Terrorism studies :

Time to think about terrorism – join February intake MM Murray McArthur         IBC ACADEMY Reply| Wed 12/14/2016 9:15 AM To: s We live in challenging times with many threats to our way of life.  If you’re interested in understanding the background to terrorism or involved in […]

America’s Schools Have Been Hit With Bigotry And Anti-Semitism Since Election Day

Source: Huffington Post Antonia Blumberg Associate Religion Editor, The Huffington Post Reports of anti-Semitic, racist and anti-immigrant incidents at schools around the country have spread rapidly in the days since Donald Trump became President-elect Trump. These incidents are hitting not only colleges and universities, but high schools, middle schools and even […]