ISLAMIC BANKING … some information …

Islamic Banking   The Islamic Financial system What is Islamic Banking? Islamic Banking Principles Rule of Permissibility Prohibition of Interest Other Key Prohitbitions Islamic Economics Order Wealth and Islam Profit-Loss-Sharing and Financing Modes Pricing Transactions linked to Interest-rate Benchmark Islam’s Approach to Ethical Investment Shari’ah Authenticity Shari’ah Supervisory Board [Religious […]

Is Trump killing the dollar?

Sep 20,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Benjamin J. Cohen For nearly a century, the US dollar has been viewed as the financial world’s ultimate safe haven. No other currency has promised the same degree of security and liquidity for accumulated wealth. In past times of trouble, skittish investors and prudent […]

Qatar crisis, where to?

Jul 16,2017 – JORDAN TIMES – Amer Sabaileh A few months ago when Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries took a stand against Qatar, it was clear that the crisis is not a short-term one. The countries involved have a long history of conflict with Qatar, including recent attempts to influence their […]