Government advertisement on “myth and reality” for FDI in retail

Government of India to allow 51% stake to foreign investors comes with a distinct Indian imprint, which does not allow 100% ownership. To console small time traders and farmers,  Government ad showcases examples from other countries where small retailers have succeeded despite FDI in the retail sector. Read more:

World changing, civil society advancing

By ALI BLUWI ARABNEWS Arab citizens are fed up with the West’s ideology as well as double standards Many pundits and analysts ponder the reasons that made the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011 the breaking point in the Middle East. This transformative period led to instability, particularly […]

Realism and leadership – It seems only Saudi Arabia can balance Iran’s political, military threat in the Gulf

By HASSAN BARARI, ARABNEWS Over the last six decades, regional security and stability have dominated the Saudi foreign policy. Indeed, the centrality of these themes in Saudi thinking has pushed the regime to establish close strategic partnerships with various countries to create a regional environment conducive to peace, stability, and […]

A Pakistani-American tragedy

Source: Daily Times Haqqani was too experienced and sophisticated as well as knowledgeable to have thought that a ‘civilian coup’ to shackle the military in the aftermath of the bin Laden raid was anything but a harebrained scheme. More to his defence, Haqqani did not need an intermediary to pass […]