Explaining Islam

Source: Times Herald – There is a common misunderstanding about Islam that it is a single religious belief, but like Christianity and Judaism, there are many different sects of Islam that practise different types of faith. Ahmadiyya is a sect of Islam that originated in India in the late 1800s […]

Islamic student group to hold open house

Source: Weyburn Review – A group of Islamic students traveling across Canada to ” dispel myths” about their religion will be stopping in Weyburn to hold an open house. The students are the members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada, which group earlier sent volunteers who went door to […]

Holy Qur’an open house visits Portage

Source: Herald Leader – The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of Canada (AMYA) hosted a exhibition on the Holy Qur’an at Portage and District Library, Thursday, with the aim of promoting peace, condemning terrorism, and dispelling myths about Islam. Over the past 14 months AMYA has visited over 337,000 houses in […]