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Zia H Shah

He is a physician practicing in Upstate New York. He is the Chief Editor of the Muslim Times, which has more than 43,000 followers in Twitter. He is also Chair of Religion and Science for the Muslim Sunrise, the oldest Muslim publication in North America. He has authored more than 400 articles on Islam, Christianity, Secularism and Religion & Science. Follow in Twitter: @The_MuslimTimes

Goldman Discloses More Subpoenas

Goldman Sachs’s mortgage problems are far from over. The Wall Street investment bank paid $550 million last year to settle a civil fraud suit brought by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which accused Goldman Sachs of creating a mortgage product that was intended to fail On Tuesday, the firm disclosed […]

Terrorism, suicide bombing and Islam

A little glance at the recent history shows that hardly a day passes in which an Islamic event does not make headlines. Very unfortunately, in the world today, Islam is portrayed as a religion sanctioning violence, bloodshed, extremism, fundamentalism, fanaticism and terrorism. But, in reality, there is no connection between […]

Letter: Religious Difference (Jakarta Post)

This is in reference to Aries Musnandar’s letter titled “Why do you defend Ahmadiyah?” (the Post, May 4). Protestantism and Catholicism are not two different religions. They are two different strains of the same faith (Christianity), in the same way that Shia, Sunni, Alawi, Sufi and Ahmadiyah Islam are all […]

WANA region at ‘turning point’

AMMAN – Recent political changes have the potential to transform a region burdened by a lack of economic opportunities and insecurity into one of enlightenment, experts said on Monday. HRH Prince Hassan, chairman and founder of the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) Forum, stressed that the region’s main challenges […]

Egypt to open Gaza border crossing on a permanent basis

Egypt has announced that it will open its border crossing with Gaza on a permanent basis, thereby reversing Egypt’s collusion with Israel’s blockade regime. The interim Foreign Minister, Nabil al-Arabi, has described support for the blockade by the previous Egyptian regime as “disgraceful”. While Israeli officials have responded to this […]

Housing Crash Is Getting Worse: Report

Commentary: But all this bearish news makes me bullish If you thought the housing crisis was bad, think again. It’s worse.  New data just out from Zillow, the real-estate information company, show house prices are falling at their fastest rate since the Lehman collapse. Average home prices are down 8% […]

PM: Failure to find bin Laden not Pakistan’s alone

By MUNIR AHMED, Associated Press ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s prime minister defended his nation’s military and intelligence services on Monday and said Pakistan was not solely to blame for the failure to detect Osama bin Laden’s presence in a garrison town close to the capital. Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, in […]

‘Big Fat’ father slams TVNZ promotion

Television New Zealand is marketing them in a prime-time slot as Britain’s “fattest and laziest family”. But the stars of the show – a family of four who collectively weigh almost 500kg – have lashed out at the broadcaster, saying there are fatter families in Britain. The Chawner family, from […]