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Zia H Shah

He is a physician practicing in Upstate New York. He is the Chief Editor of the Muslim Times, which has more than 43,000 followers in Twitter. He is also Chair of Religion and Science for the Muslim Sunrise, the oldest Muslim publication in North America. He has authored more than 400 articles on Islam, Christianity, Secularism and Religion & Science. Follow in Twitter: @The_MuslimTimes

Pope Benedict orders action on sex abuse

Pope Benedict has told bishops around the world to promptly report all suspected cases of sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests to local police in new guidelines he has issued. Set out in a letter, the guidelines are the latest effort to eradicate child sex abuse in the Roman […]

S H A M E ! (breaking News from Abu Dhabi)

The United Arab Emirates has hired the in-famous private security firm ‘Blackwater’ to establish an 800 mercenary army (as a first step) to keep the Rulers safe… The crown prince insisted that no Muslim should be part of this ‘force’ (because a Muslim may refuse to kill another Muslim, presumably). […]

Saudi donates billions to charity

Sheikh Suleiman Al Rajhi, one of the world’s richest men, plans to give away lion’s share of his $6bn fortune. Saudi Arabia’s Sheikh Suleiman Al Rajhi, one of the world’s richest men, can now also lay claim to be one of the most generous. The businessman has announced he is […]

Muslims, Not Islam, Need Reform

In her recent Wall Street Journal opinion-editorial, Irshad Manji claims that not just Muslims, but the Quran and Islam itself needs reformation. In conflating the two, Manji ignores the possibility that the owner’s manual might be fine, while the issues lie with the owner. Manji concludes by assuming, again incorrectly, […]

Truth Commission illegal: SC

The Supreme Court on Monday upheld a High Court verdict that declared illegal the Truth and Accountability Commission which was formed by the caretaker government in 2008. A seven-member bench of the Appellate Division passed the order after dismissing a leave-to-appeal petition filed against the HC verdict. Manzur Ahmed Bhuiyan, […]

Religion and the public sphere in India

In contrast to most South Asian countries, modern India has always been officially ‘secular’, a word the country inscribed in its Constitution in 1976. Secularism, here, is not synonymous with the French ‘laïcité’, which demands strong separation of religion and the state. India’s secularism does not require exclusion of religion from […]