MUI Sukabumi triggers consolidation of Intolerant Groups, How come?

Jakarta, - On Friday (17/3/2023), the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) of Sukabumi Regency, West Java will hold a Coordination Meeting for Islamic Organizations and Religious Institutions throughout Sukabumi Regency. The main agenda of the coordination meeting was to ask for an explanation from the Chairman of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) of Sukabumi Regency, Kiai Daden Sukendar.

Previously, Daden's statement was questioned. This 2017 LVI National Resilience Institute (Lemhanas) Education Program Alumni stated to "Warta Ahmadiyya" which was uploaded on the Youtube channel, January 26 2023, that the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation (JAI) are fellow Muslims, fellow countrymen, and fellow human beings.

Responding to Daden's tolerant statement who is also the Chairman of the Nahdatul Ulama Institute for Human Resource Studies and Development (Lakpesdam NU) Sukabumi Regency, the local MUI summoned Daden to ask for clarification, but he did not attend.
In its development, MUI Sukabumi issued a statement which was basically filled with hatred towards Ahmadiyya, labeling Ahmadiyya heretical and misleading. The MUI also urged the Sukabumi Regency Government to freeze the FKUB led by Daden and emphasized that they would process Daden's dismissal from the management of the local MUI and urged Daden to apologize and resign from the position of Head of the Sukabumi Regency FKUB.

In line with the Sukabumi MUI, the “vigilante” organization of the Islamic Reformist Movement (GARIS) urged Daden to be dismissed from the FKUB and MUI. Ade Saepulloh, Chairperson of GARIS Sukabumi Raya during a Coordination Meeting of Sukabumi District MUI Leaders with Islamic organizations at the Cisaat Islamic Center Building, Sukabumi Regency, Thursday (23/2/2023) threatened that if Daden Sukendar was not dismissed from FKUB and MUI then GARIS would mobilize action rally.

With regard to these dynamics, Setara Institute conveys the following points.
First, strongly condemning the provocative attitude of the Sukabumi MUI and encouraging the spread of hatred against Daden Sukendar and Ahmadiyah. “MUI's attitude towards Daden and Ahmadiyah has clearly provided space and momentum for consolidation of intolerant groups, especially in Sukabumi Regency. The coordination meeting for all Islamic organizations and religious institutions throughout Sukabumi Regency which will be held by the MUI on the upcoming Friday, March 17, 2023 confirms this," said Deputy Chairperson of the Setara Institute Bonar Tigor Naipospos in a release, Tuesday (14/3/2023).

Second, fully support Daden Sukendar's tolerant statement and stance regarding Ahmadiyah and encourage him to remain as Chair of the FKUB and a functionary of the Sukabumi Regency MUI. "What Daden previously stated regarding Ahmadiyah was completely factual and in accordance with the 12 statements of JAI before the government on January 14, 2008. Besides that, in the religious system amidst diversity, tolerance and promotion of tolerance are needed, as was done by Daden," Choky explained. , Bonar Tigor Naipospos' nickname.

Third, urge the Sukabumi Regency Government not to submit to intolerant groups and continue to provide support for the strategic roles of FKUB in building and maintaining harmony, as has been shown by the Head of FKUB and his staff, by increasing intra- and inter-religious understanding, increasing cross-cultural meeting spaces. religion, as well as carrying out the functions of mediation, dialogue and conflict resolution.
Fourth, urging the MUI to revoke all wrong fatwas regarding Ahmadiyya which stated that Ahmadiyya was not Muslim, deviant and misleading. "We also urge Islamic religious leaders to stop all provocation, stigma and hatred against Ahmadiyah," Choky pleaded.

Even if we refer to the 2008 SKB, continued Choky, there is no provision that says Ahmadiyya is not Islam and is deviant and misleading. "Especially if we refer to the 12 statements of JAI in the clarification forum initiated by the Indonesian Ministry of Religion on January 14 2008, which were also signed by the Head of Research and Development and Training, the Director General of Islamic Community Guidance at the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, the Director General of Kesbangpol Kemendagri, Kabaintelkam Polri, and others, which basically emphasizes that the main teachings of Ahmadiyya Indonesia are in line with the main teachings of Islam," he explained.

Fifth, reminding the government that the MUI fatwa, including those containing deviance against Ahmadiyah, is not positive law. "Therefore, the MUI fatwa should not be used as the basis for any laws and policies, both at the regional and central levels," said Choky.


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