Daden Sukendar’s statement about Ahmadiyah caused a commotion, the Attorney General’s Office indicated disappointment

Friday, 24 February 2023 – 11:42 WIB

Daden Sukendar's statement about Ahmadiyah caused a commotion, the Attorney General's Office indicated disappointment

Daden Sukendar’s statement about Ahmadiyah caused a commotion, the Attorney General’s Office indicated disappointment

TatarSukabumi.ID – Daden Sukendar’s statement from the Chairman of the Forum for Religious Harmony (FKUB) in Sukabumi Regency drew attention from various groups.

The Sukabumi Regency MUI together with a number of elements held a Leadership Coordination Meeting (Rakorpim) after a video of the Head of the Sukabumi Regency FKUB Daden Sukendar at the Bogor Ahmadiyya Congregation Headquarters circulated on social media.

“Today clarification regarding Mr. Daden’s statement as Chair of the FKUB for his visit to Bogor to the Ahmadiyah site, then Mr. Daden gave a statement that maybe we all already know, (subsequently) it may have an impact on the people in Sukabumi district,” said the Head of the Intelligence Section of the Attorney General’s Office. Sukabumi District Affairs Tigor UM Sirait, to TatarSukabumi.ID after the Coordination Meeting at the Cisaat Islamic Center Building, Sukabumi Regency, Thursday (23/02/2023).

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The MUI of Sukabumi Regency specifically invited Daden Sukendar to this Rakorpim, however, the person concerned did not attend.

Kasi Intel Kejari told the media crew that Daden Sukendar’s absence was very unfortunate.

“It’s really unfortunate, because this is a clarification, what is the intention and purpose of Mr. Daden as Chair of the FKUB to issue such a statement,” said Tigor.

Furthermore, according to Tigor, Daden Sukendar’s statement has the potential to disrupt public order, then the Bakor Pakem (Coordinating Body for Supervision of Beliefs) will follow the mechanism that has become a decision in this Rakorpim.

“That the opinion of Mr. Kajari as chairman of the Korpakem Team, I represent as Kasi Intel (and) as deputy chairman and the Korpakem team is very regretful because it can impact public order in Sukabumi district. So we leave everything, everything, to the mechanism which will be followed up by MUI ,” said Tiger.

One of the results of the Sukabumi Regency MUI Rakorpim will submit a letter of request to the Sukabumi Regent to temporarily freeze the Sukabumi Regency FKUB from the leadership of Daden Sukendar.

“To the Regional Government regarding FKUB, we are of the opinion that before this problem is resolved, Pak Daden is followed up by the MUI regarding the position he holds to maintain conduciveness in Sukabumi district,” said Tigor.

To the media crew, Tigor reiterated that regarding the Ahmadiyya Congregation, his party is still guided by a number of regulations that have been set.

“We are also of the opinion that in the SKB 3 Ministers, the Governor’s Regulation, the 2005 MUI Fatwa, we believe that Ahmadiyah is prohibited from spreading in Indonesia, especially in Sukabumi Regency,” he said.

Alluded to the criminal elements of Daden Sukendar’s words in the circulating video, the Head of Intelligence spoke up.

“When asked about the criminal element, especially regarding Mr. Daden’s statement, so far no criminal elements have been found, but this is more troubling tibum (public order). sensitive,” he said.

Tigor indicated his disappointment with the statement from the video that was circulating which caused an uproar in a number of people.

“Where is the Korpakem Team’s struggle that we have carried out with meetings at the Attorney General’s Office, Meetings at the Pendopo involving all elements whose results are good have carried out executions until for example the permits are completed, so it’s noisy like this because of one statement like that,” explained Tigor.

The most important thing, said the Head of Intelligence, is that this problem is being straightened out by the relevant Government Elements, so Tigor asked the people of Sukabumi not to be provoked into taking anarchic actions.

“A message for the public is not to be provoked by this statement, let alone be provoked into taking anarchic actions, I don’t want that to happen because it will harm us,” he stated.(*)

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