Indonesia. Ahead of the 2024 Election, Ahmadiyah Becomes an Identity Political Commodity

Okto Rizki Alpino  Wednesday, 15 February 2023 | 

Ahead of the 2024 Election, Ahmadiyah Becomes an Identity Political CommodityThe spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Congregation, Yendra Budiana. ( Rizki Alpino)

AKURAT.CO   To become popular ahead of the 2024 Election, politicians sometimes use dirty methods to gain public sympathy. One of the methods chosen is by echoing identity politics and not infrequently religion becomes a commodity, as experienced by the Ahmadiyya Congregation. 

We have not yet lost our memory when Satpol PP officers from Sintang Regency surrounded the Miftahul Huda Mosque in Balai Harapan Village, Tempunak District, on Saturday (29/1/2022).  

The arrival of the regional regulation enforcement officers was in order to dismantle the house of worship belonging to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community. 

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Responding to the issue of religious violence that is often experienced, the spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Congregation, Yendra Budiana, spoke up. He considered that the Ahmadiyya community was often discriminated against because they were a minority. 

“State instruments should be in this political year to ensure that identity politics is not activated. What is clear is that identity politics is easiest for religion,” he said during a press conference at the YLBHI Office, Jakarta, Wednesday (15/2/2023). 


In fact, continued Yendra, religion and worship are guaranteed by the 1945 Constitution. What has happened to the Ahmadiyya community in Indonesia is that the ranks of the provincial and district/city governments have misinterpreted the SKB 3 Ministers. 

“Often the SKB 3 Ministers are misinterpreted as a ban on Ahmadiyah activities. Even though it is clear in the SKB 3 Ministers there is no prohibition against Ahmadiyah, let alone disbanding it,” he said. 

Yendra said, this provision was clarified through a decision of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, last Monday (13/2/2023). The decision states that the Indonesian Ahmadiyya congregation is legal as a socio-religious organization. 

“Ahmadiyah is a socio-religious organization that has been a legal entity since 1993 and was updated twice during Pak Jokowi’s term in 2020 and 2023,” he said.


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