Religious Leaders Visit Jogja Tribune, Call for Peaceful Elections in DI Yogyakarta

Thursday, January 26 2023 16:59 WIB

Author: Christi Mahatma Wardhani | Editor: Kurniatul Hidayah

see photoTRIBUNJOGJA.COM/Christi Mahatma WardhaniReligious leaders in DIY held an audience at the Jogja Tribune to jointly instigate the Peace Election, Thursday (26/01/2023). 

Tribun Jogja Reporter Report Christi Mahatma Wardhani

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM, YOGYA – Indonesia is entering a political year towards the 2024 elections . That is what prompted religious leaders in Yogyakarta to call for peaceful elections. 

Deputy Chief of Syuriah Regional Executive of DIY’s Nahdlatul Ulama, KH Beny Susanto, said that elections are often colored by money politics and identity politics.

It is not uncommon for places of worship and places of education to become campaign sites. 

“The 2024 election must be made happy, so that things that damage substance such as money politics, identity politics no longer exist. Especially campaigns in places of worship and places of education,” he said during an audience with Tribun Jogja , Thursday (26/01/2023) . 

In order for peaceful elections to materialize, the commitment of election organizers, namely the KPU and Bawaslu, including the government to the security forces, needs to formulate rules that are not allowed to campaign in places of worship and places of education. 

“What is certain is to maintain diversity,” he continued. 

Agree with KH Beny, SCJ Yogyakarta Scholastic Formator , Father Stepanus Sigit Pranoto SCJ does not want a place of worship, in this case the church is a means of campaigning.

Strictly prohibit priests, monks, nuns from practicing politics. 

“Because it can divide the congregation, both internally and externally in the Catholic church space. The role of religious leaders, clerics is very influential so that there are no pitting one against the other and maintaining conduciveness,” he said. 

On the same occasion, the Yogyakarta Ahmadiyya Missionary, Murtiyono Yusuf Ismail, expressed his concern about the 2024 polarization. Moreover, so far the issue of Ahmadiyah has often been brought up ahead of elections. 

“For this reason, joint synergy is needed to maintain contestation so that it does not harm the community. Because so far it is the community that has been affected,” he said. 

West Yogyakarta vicar priest, AR Yudono Suwondo Pr, acknowledged that polarizing content would be rife in the political year. So that religious leaders must unite to continue to echo peaceful elections. 

“These positive words (peaceful elections) must continue to be echoed. We (religious leaders) must have the courage to fight positive contrasts. Calls like this must continue to be inflamed. Because for us, as Indonesian citizens, it is important,” he explained. 

Meanwhile, the Editor in Chief of the Jogja Tribune , Ribut Raharjo said that in political contests, educating the public is important. So that the election process must be guarded together. 

Jogja Tribune Senior Editor , Setya Krisna Sumarga invites communities, interfaith forums to jointly assist the community in the 2024 elections

“Because polarization is a concern for many people. Tribun Network, including Tribun Jogja , has a Local Eyes Prefer channel, there are podcasts and others that we can use together to educate the public,” he added. (wow) 

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Author: Christi Mahatma Wardhani | Editor: Kurniatul Hidayah


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