Ade Armando Condemns the Dissolution of Religious Activities of the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Ponorogo: Religious Rights Have Not Been Upheld!

Wednesday, January 25 202

    Ade Armando Condemns the Dissolution of Religious Activities of the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Ponorogo: Religious Rights Have Not Been Upheld!Photo credit: Sufri Yuliardi

    Economic News, Jakarta –

    The head of the Indonesian Movement for All (PIS), Ade Armando , criticized the dissolution of religious activities held by the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Ponorogo, East Java. 

    “PIS believes that any religious group has the right to hold religious activities as part of efforts to carry out the teachings of the religion they believe in. These rights are guaranteed in the constitution. Neither party has the right to reduce it. The government must strictly guarantee the constitutional rights of every citizen,” said Ade on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 in Jakarta.

    Previously it was reported that there was an attempt to disband the Jalsa Salana activities held by the Ahmadiyya Congregation at Telaga Ngebel, Ngebel District, Ponorogo, on January 5 2023. 

    The dissolution was driven by a number of intolerant groups, such as the Ponorogo MUI, a group of community leaders, Ngebel sub-district head, representatives of mass organizations and others.

    These intolerant civic groups collaborated to pressure the committee to cancel the activity on the basis of a Joint Decree (SKB) of 3 Ministers on Ahmadiyah and the MUI Fatwa on Ahmadiyah. As a result of this pressure, Jalsa Salana activities were banned.

    Furthermore, the village head of Gondowido who was also the owner of the inn was forced not to give permission for Jalsa Salana activities there. In fact, all hotels in Ngebel were forced to cancel all participant hotel orders. 

    The next day, January 6, 2023, a police force came in a large car to ensure that the Jalsa activities would not be held.

    Jalsa Salana is the annual recitation activity of the Ahmadiyya Congregation. This activity has absolutely no potential to threaten the security and safety of the country, considering that the Ahmadiyya Congregation has so far focused on promoting Islamic values ​​of peace, justice, human unity and love for the country.

    “This case shows that the right to freedom of religion has not yet been upheld in Indonesia. The persecution of the Ahmadiyya Congregation is still going on,” said Ade. 

    Previously, the mosque belonging to the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Sintang, West Kalimantan, was reportedly sealed last year and became a national issue. What is happening cannot be separated from the 2008 3 Ministerial Decree on Ahmadiyya.

    The regulation prohibits the Ahmadiyya Congregation from spreading its religious teachings which are deemed to deviate from the teachings believed by the majority of Muslims and forbids holding related activities.

    This rule is clearly a source of discriminatory law against the Ahmadiyya Congregation. And these rules often become instruments of intolerant groups to suppress and oppress the Ahmadiyya Congregation, with or without the hands of state apparatus.

    “PIS appealed that this rule should not be allowed to apply any longer. This regulation clearly violates the constitution which guarantees the right to freedom of religion and belief for all citizens,” said Ade.


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