SETARA Institute: Intolerance Affects Non-Mainstream Muslims


November 17, 2022

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JAKARTA (Lenteratoday) -SETARA Institute notes an increasing trend of intolerance towards intra-religious diversity in Indonesia

Syera Anggreini Buntara, Researcher on Freedom of Religion/Belief at SETARA Institute, revealed that this can be seen from the facts in 2022, when mosques are houses of worship that experience the most disturbances, namely 15 incidents.

“It needs to be underlined that most of the mosques that have become objects of disturbance are the Ahmadiyya Mosque and other mosques that are ‘different’ from mainstream or mainstream Muslim groups,” Syera said in a written statement, Thursday (17/11/2022).

For your information, the latest data from the SETARA Institute from January 2022 to the end of September 2022 shows that there were at least 32 incidents of disturbances to houses of worship.

Syera continued, in cases of rejection and disturbance of mosques, the majority of disturbances came from fellow Muslims and occurred in Muslim-majority areas.

So, bearing in mind the increasing trend of intolerance towards intra-religious diversity, SETARA also stated that the government does not only need to intensify interfaith dialogue, but also to intensify intrafaith dialogue.

“Intrafaith dialogue is expected to increase literacy regarding intra-religious diversity, increase social cohesion amidst religious differences within and between religions, and create harmony within and between religious communities,” said Syera.

Reporter: Hiski Darmayana. Rls | Editor: Arifin BH


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