Indonesia. Ahmadiyya Youth make National Ijtema Momentum of spirit to build villages

‘Social disparities between people living in rural areas and urgan areas are very high’.

Suasana Ijtima Nasional Pemuda Ahmadiyah di Bandung, Jawa Barat. (Repro dokumen Pemuda Ahmadiyah)
The National Ijtima is the annual agenda of the Ahmadiyya Youth, which is attended by thousands of representatives from various regions throughout Indonesia.

In this Ijtima, Head of PP Pemuda Ahmadiyah, Zaenuda Ikhwanul Aziz, hopes that this can be used as a momentum to encourage village development efforts, considering that most Ahmadiyah bases are in rural areas.
"The Ahmadiyya youth have a promise, namely, they are ready to sacrifice their body, property, time, and honor for the sake of religion, homeland and nation. Building a village is part of fulfilling the promise," said Aziz.

This is not without reason, Aziz sees a very high social disparity between people living in rural areas and urban areas.

"Especially the economic problem, so it is very important to do empowerment so that rural communities can be empowered. So that they can feel living in the village with a city salary," said Aziz.

Aziz said that the Ahmadiyya Youth has a number of resources which in the future are expected to be utilized for village community development.

"For example, with regard to digital villages, we have many practitioners in that field, and it is hoped that they can increase the capacity of rural communities towards the digital world. So they can take advantage of this digitalization optimally," said Aziz.

In the health sector, said Aziz, Ahmadiyah has an association of Ahmadi doctors, besides that Ahmadiyah has also routinely carried out free medical social services in many areas throughout Indonesia. “In the health sector, we also have a Blood Donor Alert Village program. One of them has been formed in Tasikmalaya and Kuningan, where there are villages that have many volunteers for blood donors, and are ready to donate whenever requested,” said Aziz.

“Based on experts, that blood donors have health benefits not only for blood recipients, but for donors as well. This means that if in one village the community is already routinely donating blood, it means that their health awareness is already high,” continued Aziz.


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