JAI National MC Mobile Journalism Training so that factual information about Ahmadiyah is published

The aim of the training is to produce superior and competent human resources in the fields of journalism and multimedia.

Arpan Rachman

Arpan Rachman Monday, 04 Apr 2022

JAI National MC Mobile Journalism Training so that factual information about Ahmadiyah is published

The National Media Center (MC) of the Indonesian Ahmadiyah Congregation (JAI) held a Mobile Journalism training at Baitul Afiyat, Parung, Bogor. The two-day media training, 26-27 March 2022, involved cross-agency members of the Indonesian Ahmadiyya Congregation (JAI). They come from several areas in West Java such as Bandung, Tasikmalaya, and Kuningan, as well as Banten Province.

The 48 training participants received material from experts in the field of journalism from the national mainstream media CokroTV and Suaradotcom, Gunawan, as well as practitioners and media consultants. The materials received by the training participants were in the form of making news narratives, interview techniques, and videography.

“The material that I got from this Media Center training, the first is the management in the Media Center. Then, the making of news narratives built by sources, so that participants are asked to make news narratives,” said Fiqi Manshi Nurramdhan, a participant from the West Java 10 area. .

Another participant revealed the follow-up to be carried out in his area after attending the training. “The first, of course, will use the knowledge gained to help with publications, both publications for the National Congregation and local congregations.


“Secondly, I will share the knowledge gained from this training as much as possible so that members who do not participate in the training can gain a little knowledge about journalistic media,” said Jihan Fauziah, a West Java 7 participant and editor of Warta Ahmadiyah.

The aim of the training is to produce superior and competent human resources in the fields of journalism and multimedia.

“To create a human resource that is superior and competent in the fields of journalism and multimedia, this training is precisely for that purpose: to print these human resources. Therefore, at the Media Center there is a Program Development and Training Division,” said Raza Ahmad Ludhiana, chairman implementer of the workshop in the HR Division and the National Media Center Training JAI.

Raza continued, this activity was very well attended by participants from various regions who were invited. There are from the four regions, and also from the Media Center itself. In order to maximize their capacity as a multimedia center and as members of the Ahmadiyah, who are competent in the fields of multimedia and journalism.Sponsored

On the sidelines of the activity, Gunawan said, the training participants are expected to have basic skills and creativity in making video productions that will be distributed to the public.

“This training is held with the hope that Ahmadiyah friends have the skills, have creativity, in making video productions that will be distributed to the public. Of course you have to go through a process that is not easy. It will take a long time. Two days is enough to give the basics. What is the basis for Ahmadiyah friends to make video production content that will be distributed to the public,” said Gunawan.

In addition, a representative from the central board of Lajnah Imailah Indonesia or commonly called Ahmadiyah Women, Venty Nur Fitriyani, said that there were more opportunities for women to become writers or content creators and so on. So that they can contribute to express their opinions, both representing themselves and the community or organization.

“It is undeniable that in many sectors, the views of society or the general public regarding women are still dominated (patriarchy). For example, suppose job A is better done by men, job B is better done by men, like that. With technology, information disclosure, we can see that women have more opportunities to learn to find information, especially in the media,” said Venty.

Venty sees the advancement of technology and information disclosure as a very good opportunity for women. Even in the midst of living their daily lives, women can also learn how to be a writer, content creator, and so on. “So that they can also contribute to conveying opinions that represent both themselves and their communities or organizations,” he continued.

At the end of the event, closing the training, Yendra Budiana as Chair of the National Media Center of the Ahmadiyya Congregation of Indonesia revealed that the purpose of this training was to develop awareness of publications among Ahmadiyah members, especially to areas that have been targeted in the development of the Media Center, in the form of videos, texts, and videos. as well as audio. So that the dynamics of the organization’s activities can be published.  

“So for those who have the talent to write, of course develop their journalistic writing. Those who have awareness of the potential or interest in the video field, of course will be concerned in holding cameraman or video editing tools, or more on audio. The purpose of this training is to develop awareness publications, especially among Ahmadis, so that all regions have an awareness of how to publish all the dynamics of activities in the area,” he concluded.

Media Center training is expected to be implemented in the regions so that information and facts about Ahmadiyah can be published.              

Video contributor Nendar Ahmad Girmansyah as a West Java 5 regional participant assisted by the editor of the JAI National MC coverage team reported his report on the Warta Ahmadiyah channel, Thursday (31/3).

source https://www.alinea.id/media/pelatihan-mobile-journalism-mc-nasional-jai-agar-fakta-informasi-tentang-ahmadiyah-terpublikasikan-b2fic9C4o

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