Urdu Video of Ghulam Ahmed Pervez: The Problems Inherent in Sectarianism

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  1. In the second video he quotes a verse of the holy Quran about universal brotherhood and sisterhood. I must confess that age of 60 it is the first time that I heard it. I got to find the reference for it.

    Google helps: “All people are a single nation; so Allah raised prophets as bearers of good news and as warners, and He revealed with them the Book with truth, that it might judge between people in that in which they differed; and none but the very people who were given it differed about it after clear arguments had come to them, revolting among themselves; so Allah has guided by His will those who believe to the truth about which they differed and Allah guides whom He pleases to the right path.” (Al Quran 2:213)

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