Ahmadiyya Community’s Mosque in Sintang Attacked, PDIP Politicians Ask People Not to Be Provoked

Tribunnews.com Reporter Chaerul Umam reports.

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Vice Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives of the PDI Perjuangan Faction (PDIP) Junimart Girsang, asked the public not to be provoked by the attack and destruction of places of worship and buildings belonging to Jemaah Ahmadiyya Indonesia (JAI) in Balai Gana Village, Tempunuk Subdistrict, Sintang Regency, West Kalimantan (Kalbar) which occurred on Friday.

He emphasized, responding to the event the community is enough to leave it entirely to the Government.

“This incident should not ignite the emotions of any group, because the state is always present through law enforcement officials (APH) and is handling it,” Junimart told reporters on Sunday (09/05/2021).

The same thing was also conveyed to community groups outside Sintang Regency. Considering the event has now come to public attention.

more https://www.msn.com/id-id/berita/nasional/tempat-ibadah-jemaah-ahmadiyah-sintang-diserang-politisi-pdip-minta-masyarakat-tidak-terprovokasi/ar-AAO6y0s?ocid=BingNewsSearch

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