Mosque Receives Threatening Letter Signed by KKK Demanding Closure



A mosque in Canada has said it has increased security at the place of worship after receiving a threatening letter signed by the Ku Klux Klan.

Langley Islamic Centre said it is “shaken” by the violent letter which had been posted to it anonymously on August 26.

The letter, which was written using letters cut out from newspaper, contains neo-Nazi hate slogans and makes reference to Brenton Tarrant, the white supremacist who killed 51 people during two mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand in March 2019.

“You have two month to shut [this] place down and leave or I will go [Brenton] Tarrant on you mudslimes,” the letter states. “Invaders must die.”

The letter then ends with the words “heil Hitler” and the numbers 1488—a combination of two far-right slogans.

The number 14 is reference to the “14 Words” slogan used by white supremacists, while 88 is code for “Heil Hitler” as the letter H is the eighth letter of the alphabet.

The letter is signed off with “KKK.”

“The letter received, produced below, is meant to directly threaten members of the Langley Muslim community,” the Langley Islamic Centre said while sharing pictures of the letter on Facebook.

“We are in touch with law enforcement, and are urging that this incident be investigated in a hate-motivated angle. Our community should not have to congregate in fear. This should not be happening. But we will not be intimidated.”

Speaking to CBC News, Imam Fawad Kalsi of the Langley Islamic Centre, said those at the mosque had a feeling of “disgust and shock” when they found the letter.

“I don’t think people believe we live in a world where things like this still exist. Some people are upset, some people are furious.”

Kalsi added that they have since increased security at the venue in the wake of the threat, but assured they will not be intimidated.

“We are a resilient community, really we have nothing to be afraid of,” Kalsi added.

“I think most people just feel confused. Why is this happening in Canada when all we do is live our peaceful life.”

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said it is working with the mosque to ensure the safety of those attending.

“Whether that means additional officers, additional patrols, attending services—basically everything is on the table,” Cpl. Holly Largy told CTV News.

The Langley RCMP confirmed that the BC Hate Crime Unit and its Integrated National Security Enforcement Team are investigating the threatening letter.

Staff Sgt. Loi Ly said in a statement: “It is concerning when something like this happens in the community.

“We are engaging all the appropriate resources and developing further investigative strategies as well as working closely with the leadership of the Langley Islamic Centre. This type of behaviour will not be tolerated.”

Anyone has information that might assist with the investigation is being asked to call Langley RCMP at 604-532-3200.

Langley RCMP has been contacted for an update.

 Langley Islamic Centre kkk
The Langley Islamic Centre shared a photo of the letter from someone claiming to be from the KKM onto Facebook.LANGLEY ISLAMIC CENTRE


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