Imran Khan says Pakistan ‘accepts Chinese version’ as he is accused of ignoring Uyghur plight

PM Imran Khan. The Muslim Times has the best collection to refute Islamophobia and promote human rights. Suggested reading: A Million Muslims Detained in China and Who Speaks for the 1.6 Billion Muslims?

Imran Khan also said China’s Communist Party offers an alternative to Western democracy

Source: Independent UK

By Maroosha Muzaffar

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said Pakistan believes China’s version on Uyghurs, despite growing evidence of atrocities and violence in the Xinjiang province.

His comments came as China celebrated the centenary of the Communist Party.

The Dawn newspaper reported on Thursday that Mr Khan said that China’s take on the Uyghur issue was “completely different from what was being reported in the Western media.”

He also said that it was “hypocritical” to highlight just the Uyghur situation in Xinjiang, and Hong Kong and not talk about “human rights violations” taking place elsewhere.

“There are much worse human rights violations taking place in other parts of the world such as in occupied Kashmir. But Western media hardly comment on this,” he said.

According to the Uyghurs Human Rights Project (UHRP), Uyghurs are ethnically and culturally Turkic people living primarily in the area of Central Asia they commonly refer to as ‘East Turkistan.’ Xinjiang is the colonial name of the vast region that East Turkistan today covers, the report said.

Mr Khan also praised China’s Communist Party saying that it was a “unique model” and called it an alternative to Western democracy. He told the media: “Until now, we had been told that the best way for societies to improve was through Western democracy. The CPC has introduced an alternative model and they have beaten all Western democracies in the way they have highlighted merit in society.”

Read more here: Imran Khan says Pakistan ‘accepts Chinese version’ as he is accused of ignoring Uyghur plight | The Independent

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