Coloured and biased ‘News’

The ‘News’ these days gets more and more biased.

Saudi Arabian News for instance is full of all the negative things they think they can find of the ‘rival’ Iran. It is not really religious rivalry but power rivalry.

Example todays Arab News:

  • Israel FM tell Blinken of serious reservations on Iran
  • Iran refuses to give nuclear site images to IAEA
  • The ayatollahs appointed a murderous fascist … let’s treat them accordingly
  • Iranians have had enough of the regime’s ‘elections’
  • etc.

and the same thing with News from Turkey, as the Saudis are still angry that the Turks listened to the murder of Khashoggi in their consulate in Istanbul:

  • Money laundering scandal could embarrass high-profile Turks

and, yes, if we want to read about the dirty laundry of Saudi Arabia then we need to go to the News outlets of Iran and Turkey.

I miss the neutral reporting on events here and there and everywhere.

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