Another Ahmadiyya Mosque vandalised in Pakistan, with Government ‘help’

Shaan Yousaf Facebook


Mona Farooq

10h  · Police attacked & demolished the dome & minarets and erased the Kalima of an Ahmadi Mosque in Ghiala village 57JB, Faisalabad. When State is an accomplice to persecute an already marginalized community, is there any hope left for a progressive Pakistan?

source Facebook

Kashif N Chaudhry

8h  · BREAKING: Overnight, Pakistani police erased the Kalima & names of God & broke off the minarets from the Ahmadiyya Mosque in 57 GB, Ghiyala, near Faisalabad. This is the second Ahmadi Mosque desecrated in a week, not by the Taliban, but the Pakistani State & law enforcement. The world needs to do more to put an end to #AhmadiApartheid. Where is the outcry?

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  1. and Imran Khan PM protests to European countries about their Islamophobia. … ha ha ha …

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