An Honourable Goodbye to a Brave and Bold Ahmadi Muslim.

By Zubair Khalil Khan (Germany)

Who knew that Mr Abdul Waheed Warraich, born in 1980 in a small village of Sargodha Pakistan, at the age of 10, will migrate to Switzerland. And when he will be 41, on 16.06.202, his body will arrive in Germany for burial.  In Nasir Bagh-Gross-Gerau, Germany, the Missionary In Charge AMJ Germany Mr Sadaqat Ahmad mentioned half an hour long inspiring story of this brave and bold Ahmadi Muslim.

Mr Abdullah Wagishauser, the National Head of AMJ Germany honoured the departing soul by leading his Janaza prayers.

It was in 2014 when the young Waheed started as the future rising star in the Mountaineering field and  climbed Mount Aconcagua in South America and hoisted the flag of Ahmadiyya, Switzerland and Pakistan.In following year in 2015 he successfully climbed Mont Blanc in Europe and Mt.Kiliman in Tanzania Africa. In 2016 it was Mt.Elbrus in Russia and in 2018 Mt. Vinson in Antarctica.  Year 2019 witnessed this bold and brave Ahmadi Muslim hoisting the Ahmadiyya, Switzerland and Paksitan Flags on Mt Carsstensz and Mt. Kosciuszko in Australia and Mt McKinley (Denali) in North America-Alaska.After having hoisted flags of Ahmadiyya, Switzerland and Pakistan on various high peaks of different mountains he planned the most tough and challenging mission of his life to climb the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest. As usual he took the flags of Ahmadiyya, Switzerland and Pakistan with him. On 12.05.2021 he successfully hoisted all the flags on Mount Everest and having achieved the mission successfully started return journey from Mount Everest. This time however nature had written a different destiny for him.  While on the return route he scummed to death due to extreme climatic conditions.  With a lot of effort the search operation to find his body continued and after exhaustive efforts his body was found and brought to Nepal and then to Germany.

On 17.06.2021 this brave and bold Ahmadi Muslim was burried in Germany. Allah may bless his soul with ever increasing bounties and grant steadfastness to all those left behind. Amin

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  1. When one dies in a profession for hwich he has passion.What a marvelous end. Allah may rest his soul in peace.

  2. He did complete his mission.
    Subhanallah may Allah grant him even higher place in Junnah

  3. A life well spent for his passion to serve his faith, country and roots of origin. May Allah raise his station in heaven and give Sabr e Jameel to his family. Amin!

  4. May Allah grant jana to him brave brother salut to him and may Allah give his family and kids and wife sabar and also father and mother and sister Ameen

  5. He was brave, bold and dedicated for jammat as well as his job and his bravery left a history behind him. Such kind of persons born in centuries. He was a great man, great father, great brother and great friend. May Allah rest his soul in peace and his family can bear this irreparable loss.

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