Report: Saudi crown prince backed Israel plan to overthrow Jordan king

Source: Middle East Monitor

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on November 14, 2017, in Riyadh [FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images]Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman on November 14, 2017, in Riyadh [FAYEZ NURELDINE/AFP via Getty Images]April 20, 2021 at 9:51 am

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is said to have supported an Israeli plot to overthrow the Jordanian King Abdullah II in exchange for guardianship of the holy sites in the occupied city of Jerusalem, Lebanon’s Al-Akhbar newspaper reported.

The paper quoted a Jordanian security official as saying that the attempt to overthrow King Abdullah II was a “scheme” involving Israel, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the United States.

According to the unnamed official, “the large and complicated” coup involved many parties, but the king succeeded in thwarting it calmly while preserving the internal and regional balances.

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“The king’s vigilance and the rapid movement of the military and security forces have thwarted the coup’s attempt to remove him and replace him with his brother Prince Hamzah Bin Al-Hussein,” the source said.

Israel, the source continued, planned to overthrow King Abdullah II due to Jordan’s opposition to the US’ peace deal for the Middle East dubbed the ‘deal of the century’, which Amman viewed as a plan to “find an alternative homeland for the Palestinians and annex the Jordan Valley to Israel”.

The paper added that the Saudi crown prince agreed to support Israel’s scheme in return for the transfer of the guardianship over the holy sites in occupied Jerusalem from Jordan to Saudi Arabia.

With US approval, it continued, Bin Salman authorised the former chief of the royal court, Basem Awadallah, to make the necessary preparations for the transfer of power at the family level, while ousted Fatah chief Muhammad Dahlan was assigned with mobilising Palestinians in Jordan and local tribes.

According to the report, Saudi Arabia armed some southern tribes, issuing them citizenship in return for carrying out military actions if necessary.

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Source Report: Saudi crown prince backed Israel plan to overthrow Jordan king – Middle East Monitor

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2 replies

  1. My personal gut feeling. (No, I do not have insider information).

    This was not an attempted overthrow of King Abdullah. Overthrowing him would not be that easy. (or any other government for that matter)

    It was however an Israeli warning to King Abdullah: ‘If you do not toe the line given to you by us this is what will happen to you’.

    King Abdullah is in a difficult position. If he follows the Israeli line his own people will stop their loyalty If he does not Israel will stop their support and destabilize Jordan just like they are doing in Lebanon and Syria…

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