A/R: Fomena DCE Hails TI Ahmadiyya SHS for excellent WASSCE results

By Evans Boateng

MAR 18, 2021

Adansi North District Chief Executive (DCE) Hon. Kusi Kwaku Eric have heap praises on students, Education Directorate, Headmaster, teaching and non-teaching staff for their excellent results in the just ended WASSCE.

Students of Fomena TI Ahmadiyya Senior High School have excelled tremendously in the West African Senior High School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) held in 2020.

Statistics provided by the Adansi North District Chief Executive (DCE) Hon. Kusi Kwaku Eric shows that Fomena TI Ahmadiyya Senior High School recorded significant improvement in the exam despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic that derailed the activities of the school.

He said the school presented a total number of 535, out of the total candidates registered one student was absent. The remaining 534 candidates who sat for the core subjects such as Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies and English Language, recorded 100%, 99%, 91%, and 98% respectively in all the subjects.

Statistics show that the school recorded a tertiary pass rate of 100% i.e. students who obtained A1 to C6 and qualified for admission into tertiary institutions.

In furtherance, 531 students had 8 passes whilst 3 students had 7 passes in the various subjects. Per this statistic the total registered candidates who sat for the Exams qualified for tertiary education representing 100%.

“Since we now rock shoulders with the so-called category A schools, we expect better results going forward. Better results are the way forward for the school and I think with hard work, dedication, and commitment, we will achieve our goal,” Hon. Kusi Kwaku Eric told Evans Boateng.

“Ayekoo to all the students, Education Directorate, Headmaster, teaching and non-teaching staff” he said.

Speaking to Ms. Gladys Kwakye, District Education Director, she believes that Hon. Kusi Kwaku Eric is an accomplished, industrious, a proven team player and has very good human relations and interpersonal skills couple with unshakeable integrity who has the district education directorates at heart.

“In fact, Hon Kusi Kwaku Eric is very cooperative, due to his hardworking the district have achieved a lot under his watch” she added.

The Adansi North District Education Director, Ms. Gladys Kwakye, when asked about the secret behind last year’s success, she said, “It’s all about discipline and hard work from Headmaster, teachers and management of the school.

According to her the management of the school have also put measures in place where candidates benefit from early preps. There again, those in form three do not participate in grounds work and others, hence their excellent results.

She emphasized that lazy teachers do not have a place in the school having been provided with the requisite materials that would propel them to deliver their best.

Adansi North District Chief Executive, Hon. Kusi Kwaku Eric

Ms Gladys Kwakye
District Director of Education in Adansi North District

source https://www.modernghana.com/news/1068887/ar-fomena-dce-hails-ti-ahmadiyya-shs-for-excelle.html

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