After 24 Years This Nigerian Went from Aircraft Cleaner to Aircraft Pilot, Meet Mohammed Abubakar

Meet Mohammed Abubakar

Devin Crudup
Posted on March 27, 2020

After 24 Years This Nigerian Went from Aircraft Cleaner to Aircraft Pilot, Meet Mohammed Abubakar

Photo Credit: Twitter / @AzmanAir

Mohammed Abubakar’s path to becoming a pilot was far from easy. The Nigerian native started his 24-year career in aviation as an airplane cleaner with a wage of about $0.50 cents a day. Now, he sports a pilot’s hat along with his pilot’s license.

According to Black Culture News, after a failed attempt at enrolling in Kaduna Polytechnic, Abubakar decided to take a job with Kobo Air, as an airplane cleaner, a job many would pass on due to low wages. However, Abubakar took the job and was eventually promoted to ground staff and later to the cabin crew.

Abubakar went on to work for Aero Contractors as a flight attendant where he was able to use his years of experience and add value to the company. Although the pay was much higher as a flight attendant, Abubakar wasn’t satisfied and still had dreams of becoming a pilot.

With the help of his managing director Abubakar was able to enroll in a pilot training program located in Canada where he secured his private pilot’s license and later his commercial pilot’s license. He is now a part of Azman Air Services Limited, based in Kano, Nigeria.

Azman Air took to their Twitter to showcase Abubakar receiving his fourth bar signaling his promotion to captain status.

Abubakar’s story goes to show with perseverance and determination dreams do come true.


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