Open Letter to French President Emmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron President of the French Republic
(Photo by Paolo Manzo/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Mr. President,

We the people living in the UK whole-heartedly condemn the recent and previous terrorist attacks in France, done in response to the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم (peace & mercy of God be upon him).

We understand “Freedom of speech” is considered an “essential freedom” in France. It is not only protected by the 1789 Declaration of Human and Civic Rights incorporated by reference into the French Constitution but also protected by the European Convention on Human Rights, to which France is a party.

In your recent letter to the financial times you said “If France is primarily attacked by Islamist terrorists, it is because it embodies the freedom of expression, the right to believe or not to believe, a certain art of living as well.”

You also announced “The people of France have stood up to say that they will not give up on their values, their identity, and their imagination. None of these human rights that one day in 1789 were proclaimed for the world.”

We are writing to draw your attention about your “self-privileged” statements which is contrary to the “Freedom of expression” and “human rights” that are given to the people under the Article 4 & Article 11 of the French DECLARATION OF HUMAN AND CIVIL RIGHTS OF 26 AUGUST 1789 and the Article 10 & Article 3 of Human Rights Act 1998, of the European Convention on Human Rights (France was part to it) and the French Law on the Freedom of the Press of 29 July 1881, just in case if you wanted to review bratty statement not because it has harmed two billion people around the world but to protect the dignity of the French constitution and the French president for the sake of your knowledge, history and French people.

Nevertheless, it is unclear yet if you, the French President, has limited knowledge about the Freedom of expression and human rights laid down in the constitution or are you prejudiced against a community because the 1789

Declaration of Human and Civic Rights defines freedom in general as:
“…being able to do anything that does not harm others.”[15]
“…Consistent with that definition, freedom of speech in France is limited by the right to privacy, the presumption of innocence, the right to “human dignity,” and by rules prohibiting defamation and insult.[16]

Furthermore, the Law of 29 July 1881 on Freedom of the Press, which is still in force (although it has been amended numerous times since its original adoption), prohibits defamation and insults, both written and verbal.

We The Muslims community living in the United Kingdom demand you to put restrictions on any type of drawing, publication and exhibition that may depict God/Allah, any prophet, any person, any community, any belief or any color and set the limits for the sake of protecting privacy, dignity, fame and beliefs without any exemptions.

Mr President, it is illegal to incite others to commit a crime as mentioned in the French constitution and you (contrary to what is written in the laws) have protected the right to publish offensive and provoking cartoons.


  1. Nabeela Ali
    Chairperson AMAN-Project [Anti radicalization Mentoring and Awareness Network]
    Newcastle upon Tyne-United Kingdom
  2. Mumtaz Hussain Sanam
    Pakistan Cultural Society
  3. Younes Mohammed
    Chairperson Newcastle Central Mosque Islamic Centre (Bilal Jamia Masjid)

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