Professor’s murder

Professor’s murder


This is, of course, not the first incident of its kind. Ahmadis in this country have faced persecution for decades, while the state has done little to bring those responsible for crimes against the community to justice. Unfortunately, the anti-Ahmadi violence ties up with the overall growing extremist tendencies in society — nurtured since the 1980s — that are now manifesting themselves in hideous ways. Whether it is the targeting of Ahmadis, or any other individual/group that is seen to be ‘deviant’ by the self-professed guardians of religious mores in Pakistan, this pattern of violence must be confronted by the state before it leads to the mainstreaming of vigilantism. Over the past few weeks, avowed sectarian groups with a history of violence have staged massive marches across major cities of Pakistan. This shows that while they may have been lying low for the past few years, they can mobilise at very short notice should the need arise. The KP government needs to do more to protect the lives and properties of Ahmadis living in the province. Additionally, the state must send a very clear message that there is zero tolerance for vigilantism and cold-blooded murder. If this toxic trend is not forcefully checked, we may soon return to the old days when targeted killings and attacks on places of worship were occurring with alarming frequency across the country.

Published in Dawn, October 7th, 2020


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    • Being Muslims but discriminated over the ideology Ahmadis in Pakistan are demanding justice, but all the members of OIC countries are silent . Pakistan is using its state machinery Police, Army in state violence against innocent citizens of its country not only Ahmadis but also against tribal Pashtuns , Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ,& operate in autonomous regions of Baluchistan & Pakistan-occupied Kashmir who have been demanding equal rights as other Pakistani citizens. Not only responsible for killing own citizens but also Killing of Kashmiris in my Kashmir & convert my Jannat in to hell. We Kashmiris are also suffering daily because of Pakistan.

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