Separate reports find that the integration of migrants in Germany is proceeding ‘well’

Migrants in Germany

Migrants and refugees are feeling increasingly welcome in Germany

Source: Migrants Info

By Sertan Sanderson

Four scientific studies in Germany conclude that the integration of migrants and refugees is proceeding increasingly well. The German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) stressed, however, that there were still some areas that needed improvement.

The four reports were published 10 days before the fifth anniversary of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s famous “Wir schaffen das” speech (translation: We can do it) in 2015, in which she referred to the growing challenge at the time of welcoming over one million migrants and refugees who arrived in Germany that year.

Muslim nurse

Nurses and care workers are among sought-after professionals in Germany

Five years on, the studies published by DIW imply that the chancellor was mostly right. The document said that according to one of the studies, two out of three migrants and refugees had high expectations of themselves of getting to a state whereby they could fully support themselves and their families. They usually reported that they expected to do so within two years of their arrival.

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