What does Saudi Arabia and Jordan have in common?

Jordan and Saudi Arabia are both Sunni monarchies. … Historically, the Hashemite dynasty came to Jordan from the Hijaz which is now called Saudi Arabia. The Hashemites ruled Mecca from the 10th century until 1924, when the area was invaded by the House of Saud in the Saudi conquest of Hejaz.

Jordan–Saudi Arabia relations

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ALLIES FOREVER: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman receives Jordan’s King Abdallah in Riyadh. (AP)

Jordan – Saudi Arabia relations
Map indicating locations of Jordan and Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia

Jordan–Saudi Arabia relations are the relations between the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia are both Sunni monarchies. Jordan, along with Morocco, the only other non-Arabian Gulf monarchy in the Arab World, has been invited to join the Gulf Cooperation Council, an organization of Arabian Gulf Monarchies.[1]

Historically, the Hashemite dynasty came to Jordan from the Hijaz which is now called Saudi Arabia. The Hashemites ruled Mecca from the 10th century until 1924, when the area was invaded by the House of Saud in the Saudi conquest of Hejaz.

Map of 1965 land swap between Jordan and Saudi Arabia

The two cities of Aqaba and Ma’an were part of the Kingdom of Hejaz (1916–1925), In May 1925, Ibn Saud gave up the Aqaba and Ma’an districts of the Hejaz and it became part of British Emirate of Transjordan.[2] In 1965, Saudi Arabia and Jordan agreed to trade land, thus finalising the Jordan–Saudi Arabia border. Jordan gained 19 kilometers of land on the Gulf of Aqaba and 6,000 square kilometers of territory in the interior, and 7,000 square kilometers of Jordanian-administered, landlocked territory was ceded to Saudia.[3]

According to a 2013 Pew global opinion poll, 88% of Jordanians express a favourable view of Saudi Arabia, with 11% expressing an unfavourable view, the most favourable opinion of the KSA in the Middle East.[4]

After the elevation of Mohammed bin Salman to Saudi Crown Prince, relations have deteriorated over Saudi attempts to sideline Jordan in negotiations over the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, Jordan’s reluctant support for the Saudi position during the 2017–18 Qatar diplomatic crisis and limited involvement in the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, and growing Jordanian ties with Turkey.[5][6]

Saudi Arabia concluded an agreement with government of Jordan to provide assistance and support to the educational sector for an amount of $50 million.[7]


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