It is clear how similar Trump and Erdogan are – they are both damaging the unity of their nations

Trump and erdogan

The Muslim Times has the best collection for universal brotherhood and good governance

Source: Independent

By Sebnem Arsu; Istanbul @sebnemarsu

The two men are both looking to protect their strongman image – and clearly share similar ideas about how to deal with protests

For two weeks we have been waking up to protests in the US, watching the country often tagged as a “melting pot” slowly turning into a pressure cooker.

As a journalist living in a country where polarisation has taken its toll, it is even more worrisome to hear the political rhetoric that provides the narrative to street outrage – as it further fractures a society built upon highly sensitive fault lines.

Donald Trump’s alienating social media posts now require a far more serious analysis than “the funniest retweet of the day” as they set up the “us” versus “them” narrative.

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2 replies

  1. It is not just these two nations’ leaders who are similar. There are many out there who are aiding and abetting hate and polarization rather than inclusiveness…

  2. It is a good nation if there is the apposite party—The apposite party want to defeat other party. If the apposite party use the violent protes, the government has the right to defend its power by force.

    Some of groups of apposite party want to use the death of GF for polical gain for next election at November. It is not right—some other countries ( China, Iran Muslim, Palestine, etc ) want Trump lose the next election—they support strongly the protester financially —

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